George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher
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BornJuly 8, 1969 (age 46)
GenreDeath metal
Notable InstrumentsVocals
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George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (born July 8, 1969)[1] is the vocalist for the American death metal band Cannibal Corpse and the lesser-known melodic death metal band Paths of Possession. He previously recorded two albums with Florida's Monstrosity before leaving to join Cannibal Corpse in late 1995.


Fisher is known for his windmilling style of head banging while performing, as well as his ability to spit rapid-fire lyrics while maintaining his guttural growl, and examples of which are heard in "Disposal of the Body" and "The Time to Kill is Now". He is also known for lengthy screams tens of seconds long. Examples can be heard in "Blunt Force Castration", "Make Them Suffer," "Submerged in Boiling Flesh", "The Time to Kill Is Now" and "They Deserve To Die". He was also able to sing quickly while maintaining a scream in the beginning and end of "Blood Drenched Execution." George has also contributed lyrically to some Cannibal Corpse songs such as "Blood Drenched Execution", "Disfigured", and "Puncture Wound Massacre."

Jack Owen has said that George doesn't use any kind of vocal machine at all for his performances [2]. "Those screams are all me", says Fisher, "On the last record, there was a scream that was 14 or 15 seconds long and this one was a little longer. I wanted to do it again, but they were like, 'No this one's too good!'. That's all me" [3]. Fisher has said that sometimes after doing long screams, he gets intense headaches. "I've always had a hoarse voice, even when I was a kid" says Fisher [4]. In a video, George stated that he has never smoked ever in his life [5].

When asked about how to do death metal vocals, Fisher commented: “Timings a big deal. When someone’s out of time, anybody that hears it is going to know. It just sounds like mush. I’ve seen bands where I know when somebody is off. More so with the vocals and the drums, I can tell that as well because I’ve followed drums my whole life. For timing, it can be hard when you’re banging your head the whole time. We do have a lot of stuff that’s in 4/4, but it’s not simple. You’ve got to pay attention to what you’re doing. I’m still banging my head, but I’m counting the whole time, and then you’ve got people diving around you, and all this stuff going on around you the whole time. It is a challenge. I’m not saying it’s the hardest thing in the world to do, I just get annoyed when it’s made out to be easy, or at least what I’ve heard from people about this DVD." [6]

"I’ve never had any kind of lessons for singing, just doing it in my room. It’s mainly from Kreator and Chuck Schuldiner who taught me, but not directly." [7]

"As far as pronouncing stuff, I always listened to Slayer, and bands that sang fast, even S.O.D., he was singing really fast, but clear. They weren’t singing brutal, like in death metal. It is harder to understand a lot of death metal singers, because some of the styles and how they do it, and I always wanted to mix that. I always felt that. Like “Necrophobic” from Slayer, I always used to go into my room and sing it deep. That was a good song for me to practice pronouncing things and speed singing. Some people think that if it’s too clear, it’s not a brutal, but I’m not sacrificing any of that. I would rather it sound deep and heavy, or brutal and attacking that words I pronounce. That’s what the lyric sheets are for! I think I somehow accomplish both. Some people can understand more of what I say without a lyric sheet, and I’m proud of that, you know? It’s mostly that I listened to a lot of bands that sang fast, so if kids ask me, I say listen to this, or listen to that, and listen to what we’re doing, and just keep doing it. It’s hard because we have some parts. “Disposal Of The Body”, the guy in the studio was just laughing because of “under tons of concrete”, I can’t even say it fast like this! But I did it singing death metal. He always used to tell me that he couldn’t believe how I nailed it. It’s just years of doing it. There’s been lots of people that were doing it before me, and I wanted to do it brutal." [8]

"I’ve been doing a lot of interviews where people will tell me there’s this tape out, but I don’t hear everybody all of the sudden becoming death metal masters out of the blue. I mean, I don’t know what it’s about. It’s more breathing techniques or something." "There are no teachers for this. I could never teach anybody how to do this. I just do it! All the stuff I learned, I learned from Chuck Schuldiner, from all the low screams to the high screams. Rob Urbinati from Sacrifice, I have to mention him too, a really influential band from Canada. They’re awesome, and those two guys I always used to try and emulate, and I used to play a board like it was a guitar! All the guys I learned to sing from always played instruments. Glenn Benton, Tom Araya, Schmier from Destruction, Mille [from Kreator], all of them played instruments. That’s why some guys cup the mic, and I never did that, because I never got that concept of covering the mike." [9]

"I basically sat up in my room, and I had my stack of metal records by different groups. And I'd just go like, "Ah man, I'll listen to this today." And I'd put in one and start singing the song. I had this 2x4 that my friends called the Rickenboard, like Richenbacher? And I would just hold it like it was a guitar and I would just start singing to Slayer albums, do a few songs off Reign In Blood. Some old Deicide, put that on. Put on Seven Churches, listen to that. Maybe finish off with Pleasure To Kill by Kreator. And there you go. Next day I'd get up and do the same thing. I always wanted to be in a band, but I never really looked at it like, "Okay, I'm gonna practice!" I just loved singing along to those albums, and trying to emulate the guys who were in those bands - trying to copy how they were singing. But when we first started Corpsegrinder, I just started singing and it was low, and I was really influenced by Chuck Schuldiner of Death, because he had those long screams, and that was my biggest influence. He was the greatest death metal singer ever, and he was my biggest influence. And he was the one guy that I always had the hardest time trying to copy. He used to do those screams, and I always wanted to do those. But then Chuck had such a - his voice was such that I always wanted to do those things, but lower and louder and make them sound vicious. It was really hard to try to recreate what Chuck was doing, but that's how I started singing." [10]

"Not anymore. That's the funny thing. People ask me like, "Well, how'd you learn to sing like that?" Because I put on the albums and started singing to them. And some people say to me, "But my voice starts to hurt after ten minutes." Well yeah, but eventually my voice got used to it. If you hear me talk now, people think I'm sick but I'm not. They think that I have a cold or I just woke up - this is how I always sound." [11]

Personality Edit

Fisher normal talking voice has been a running joke in the death metal scene. "Pretty much I sound like shit normally. If I’m in perfect health, and I’m home, and say we’re videotaping something with the girls, and I listen back, I’m like “Whoa! I sound like that?” I’m surprised the girls don’t run away from me! It’s terrible to me. People think when they do interviews with me over the phone that I’m sick, but I’m in perfect health. “Did you just wake up?” “No!” “Are you sick” “No!” [12]

Fisher has been open about various viewpoints, from politics to religion. "I’ve never voted in my life" he said, "I never will, ‘cause I don’t trust one of ‘em. And that might be stupid on my part, but I haven’t seen anything since I’ve been born to make me believe that every single thing that they say they’re gonna do, they try to do. I mean, some of it’s just a load of b.s." [13]. Another interview seemed to indicate that Fisher is anti-religious, although in the same interview, Fisher said not to equate his opinion on religion with Cannibal Corpse.[14]

Is a fan of black metal bands like Immortal and Marduk. [15] "I listen to a lot of straight edge stuff, you know, from the eighties," [16]

Fisher is an avid player of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft as a member of the Horde, on the Burning Blade server [17]. He is strongly against the Alliance (in the booklet for Kill, he states "Fuck the Alliance!") and the Horde's own Blood Elves. He is an admitted addict, calling WoW his "passion" [18]. He has also stated the old Final Fantasy games as some of his favorites and that "fantasy-type stuff" has always been some of his favorites.[19] "I play Madden a lot, too, of course. Also, the Grand Theft Auto games are totally killer; and I like wrestling, too." [20]

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Fisher has also made guest voice appearances on the animated show Metalocalypse.


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