and now i recognize your face and my folly for longer days and nights this strange redemption' with words you've bled me dry now dust falls from these wounds

into the airless night i'm cast hear me call you i know i can't create a lie you won't see through through in this blessed tone i am a child in wanting a feeling not unlike regret permeates me and with the birth of fear i am set free

from these wounds i claim redemption from these wounds i am redeemed

in passing i recall with such vivid clarity the soft whispering reminders of foolish notions too late i realized my wrongs and my carelessness now from the stone i hear you call i can not answer

believe me my regret runs deep yet i know peace for in 24 years i've always been inspired the loss i do regret and still i know redemption for you are better gone now you are set free

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