For All Tid
For All Tid
Album info
ReleaseDecember 1, 1994
RecordedJuly–September 1994 at Stovner Rockefabrikk
GenreBlack metal
LabelNo Colours
ProducerDimmu Borgir

For all tid ("For All Time" in English) is the first studio album by Norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir. It was recorded and mixed at Stovner Rockefabrikk through August and December 1994, released in 1994 and re-released in 1997 with their new label Nuclear Blast.

The artwork displayed on the front cover of the album is inspired by Gustave Doré's illustration of Camelot from Idylls of the King.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Det Nye Riket" ("The New Kingdom")
  2. "Under Korpens Vinger" ("Under the Wings of the Raven")
  3. "Over Bleknede Blåner til Dommedag" ("Over Faded Blue Horizon unto Judgement")
  4. "Stein" ("The Path")
  5. "Glittertind" ("Glittertind")
  6. "For All Tid" ("For All Time")
  7. "Hunnerkongens Sorgsvarte Ferd Over Steppene" ("The King of the Huns' Sorrowful Black Journey over the Steppes")
  8. "Raabjørn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde" ("Raabjorn is Mirrored in the Mist of Draugheimen")
  9. "Den Gjemte Sannhets Herskar" ("The Ruler of the Hidden Truth")

Bonus Edit

Additional tracks on the Japanese version Edit


Dimmu Borgir
Additional personnel
  • Vicotnik (Dødheimsgard, Ved Buens Ende, Code, Naer Mataron) – backing vocals
  • Aldrahn (Dødheimsgard, Thorns, Zyklon-B) – backing vocals and lead vocals (on "Over Bleknede Blåner Til Dommedag")
  • Dimmu Borgir – arrangement and production
  • Bård Norheim – recording and engineering

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