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Studio albums Edit

Release date Title Label Notes
October 4, 2005 Flyleaf Octone Records Produced by Howard Benson, certified RIAA Platinum[1]
October 30, 2007 Flyleaf (special edition) Octone Records Bonus material: acoustic versions, a DVD, a ringtone, and a poster
2008/2009 Flyleaf's upcoming 2nd album Octone Records TBA

Extended playsEdit

Studio Edit

Release date Title Label Notes
2002 Broken Wings: Special Edition As Passerby
2003 Passerby EP As Passerby
2003 Broken Wings EP As Passerby
October 26, 2004 Flyleaf Octone Records Four track release
May 31, 2005 Flyleaf Octone Records Six track release
November, 2006 Music as a Weapon EP Octone Records, J Records Tracks: "Fully Alive" (acoustic), "Much Like Falling", "Justice and Mercy", "Christmas Song"
October 30, 2007 Much Like Falling EP Octone Records Tracks: "Much Like Falling", "Supernatural" (acoustic), "Tina", "Justice and Mercy"

Street Team Samplers Edit

Release date Title Label Notes
2004 Flyleaf EP Sampler Octone Records
2005 Flyleaf EP Sampler Enhanced Octone Records
2005 Flyleaf LP Sampler Octone Records
November, 2006 Fully Alive Sampler Octone Records

References Edit

  1. Latest Platinum Album Certifications, accessed 7 March, 2008

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