Fenriz Presents... The Best of Old-School Black Metal
Fenriz Presents... The Best of Old-School Black Metal
Album info
ReleaseSeptember 20, 2004
RecordedComplied between 2003-2004
GenreBlack metal, death metal, thrash metal, speed metal
LabelPeaceville Records

Fenriz Presents… The Best of Old-School Black Metal is a compilation album by Darkthrone drummer Fenriz featuring bands that have been highly influential for, and pioneers of the black metal genre; Nattefrost and Aura Noir being the only newer bands. He originally also wanted the compilation to include Possessed, but Larry LaLonde refused.[1]

Track listingEdit

  1. Blasphemy – "Winds of the Black Gods" (written by Caller of the Storms, Nocturnal Grave Descrator and Black Winds and Black Priest of the 7 Satanic Blood Rituals; Copyright Control) 1:21
  2. Sarcófago – "Satanic Lust" (written by Sarcófago; copyright Cogumelo Music) 3:08
  3. Celtic Frost – "Dawn of Megiddo" (written by Martin Stricker and Thomas Gabriel Fischer; copyright Maldoror Musikverlag GmbH) 5:44
  4. Nattefrost – "Sluts of Hell" (written by Nattefrost; copyright Season of Mist) 3:10
  5. Mercyful Fate – "Evil" (written by Kind Diamond and Hank Shermann; copyright Roadblock Music/Roadster Music) 4:46
  6. Sodom – "Burst Command ’Til War" (written by Wolfgang Eichholz; copyright Steamhammer Music) 3"22
  7. Tormentor – "Elizabeth Bathory" (written by Tormentor; Copyright Control) 5:19
  8. Aura Noir – "Blood Unity" (written by Aura Noir; Copyright Control) 4:49
  9. Destruction – "Curse the Gods" (written by Destruction; Copyright Control) 5:59
  10. Samael – "Into the Pentagram" (written by Vorph and Xy; copyright Magic Arts Music) 6:47
  11. Bulldozer – "Whisky Time" (written by Andy Panigada and Alberto Contini; copyright Roadblock Music/Roadster Music) 4:11
  12. Mayhem – "Freezing Moon" (written by Mayhem; Copyright Control) 6:14
  13. Hellhammer – "The Third of the Storms" (written by Tom Fischer; copyright Maldoror Musikverlag GmbH) 2:55
  14. Burzum – "Ea, Lord of the Deeps"[2] (written by Varg Vikernes; copyright Amazonian Music) 4:51
  15. Venom – "Warhead" (written by Venom; copyright Neat Music) 3:38
  16. Bathory – "Dies Irae" (written by Quorthon; copyright Black Mark Productions) 5:14

Notes Edit

  1. Interview with Fenriz about his compilation
  2. The title for Burzum's track was taken from original DSP release with a mistake made by Euronymous – "Ea, Lord of the Deeps", instead of (correct) "Ea, Lord of the Depths". The error stayed because Fenriz was unaware of the original title.

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