Evergreen Terrace
Band Info
Genre(s)Metalcore, melodic hardcore
Label(s)Eulogy Recordings, Metal Blade Records
Associated ActsStick To Your Guns, The Nuclear Sky

Evergreen Terrace is a five-piece melodic hardcore band out of Jacksonville, Florida. The band is named after the street where The Simpsons claim residence.

Members Edit

Former members Edit


Date of Release Title label
July 31, 2001 Losing All Hope Is Freedom Indianola Records
November 26, 2002 Burned Alive by Time Eulogy Recordings
February 17, 2004 Writer's Block Eulogy Recordings
June 21, 2005 Sincerity Is an Easy Disguise in This Business Eulogy Recordings
July 24, 2007 Wolfbiker Metal Blade Records
September 29, 2009 Almost Home Metal Blade Records

DVD Edit

Date of Release Title label
January 4, 2005 Hotter! Wetter! Stickier! Funner! Eulogy Recordings

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