Band Info
OriginDenver, Colorado, United States
Genre(s)progressive metal,experimental,death metal
Label(s)Blastzone Entertainment Group, Dust2Dust Music Network USA, Oarphin Records
Associated Acts{{{7}}}

Elctrikchair is a progressive metal band originally based in Denver, Colorado. The band is now based in Lawrence, Kansas.

Background and Discography of the BandEdit

Elctrikchair was founded in 2003 by its most constant members, brothers Andrew and Robert Rodriguez. The band underwent many lineup and style changes through the course of their early career and has seven releases to date: Thrash Militia, Eternity Into Darkness, Run from the Sun, a recording of the band's CBGB performance, Citicorpse, Twilight of War, and Xenophobia.


Official Site

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