Eaten Back to Life
Eaten Back to Life
Album info
ReleaseAugust 17, 1990
Recorded1990 at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, Florida
GenreDeath metal, thrash metal
LabelMetal Blade
ProducerScott Burns

Eaten Back to Life is the debut studio album by the American death metal band Cannibal Corpse. It was released on August 17, 1990 through Metal Blade Records. The album was banned in Germany (censored versions were available, but the ban was revoked in June 2006) and other countries because of the extreme nature of the cover art. Glen Benton of Deicide and Francis H. Howard of Opprobrium (then known as Incubus) perform back-up vocals on "Mangled" and "A Skull Full of Maggots".

The following statement can be found in the inlay of this album: "This album is dedicated to the memory of Alfred Packer, the first American cannibal (R.I.P.)"

The remastered version includes a video of "Born In a Casket (live)" as well as different color scheme on the cover art.

Reviews: Edit

"The solo's at the end of 'Shredded Humans' and 'Mangled' were quite impressive considering the difficulty of putting instrumental sections into music as extreme as this. Overall I think it is a good album" "It is a great piece of brutal death metal which sometimes borderlines grind core (e.g. 'The Undead Will Feast'), it is definitive of the sub-genre"- The Metal Storm

"I’m not going to forget the chorus of “Skull Full Of Maggots” until I’m either dead or senile, the same goes for “Mangled”." "Chris Barnes is the one who does the best performance, maybe his best performance ever. On this album he is able to follow the music much more dynamically, he sings faster, the music goes slower. Not only does he cope with the music a lot better, tempo wise, but he also varies his approach a lot more." "The sound quality on “Eaten Back To Life” is good when you consider that it was released 16 years ago." "it has enough good songs to be more than just for the shock of it." "A listen is recommended"- The Metal Observer

Track listing Edit

  1. "Shredded Humans" – 5:11
  2. "Edible Autopsy" – 4:32
  3. "Put Them to Death" – 1:50
  4. "Mangled" (featuring Francis Howard of Opprobrium and Glen Benton of Deicide) – 4:29
  5. "Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains" – 2:34
  6. "Born in a Casket" – 3:20
  7. "Rotting Head" – 2:26
  8. "The Undead Will Feast" – 2:49
  9. "Bloody Chunks" – 1:53
  10. "A Skull Full of Maggots" (featuring Francis Howard of Opprobrium and Glen Benton of Deicide) – 2:06
  11. "Buried in the Backyard" – 5:11
  12. "Born in a Casket live - 3:36