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Dr. Acula is an American deathcore band from New York that formed in 2005. Not much known about the band, but they are popular among a few fans. They have released two studio albums, and 4 other releases. Recently, on July 27, 2010, Dr. Acula has signed to Victory Records and are currently recording their third studio album, to be released February 15, 2011.

Band MembersEdit

Current Members:Edit

  • Rob Acula - Bass
  • Pete - Vocals, Keyboard
  • Tyler Guida - Vocals
  • Drew - Drums
  • Joey - Keyboard
  • Lou Dawg - Guitar
  • Bill - Guitar

Former Members:Edit

  • Billy - Drums
  • Bert Vegas - Vocals
  • Mike - Drums


Studio Albums
  • Chillogy EP (2006)

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