Doomsday News Cutting Edge Metal is a compilation video of several Noise International Inc. artists, having a range of speed metal (Rage), death metal (Coroner, Kreator), power metal (V2), industrial metal (Voivod), glam metal (Celtic Frost’sCherry Orchards”) and thrash metal (Tankard).

It was released in 1989 through Fotodisk and Strand/VCI Entertainment. Its running time is approximately 51 minutes.

Track listEdit

  1. Hallowe’en”–Helloween
  2. Cherry Orchards”–Celtic Frost
  3. Ravenous Medicine”–Voivod
  4. Toxic Trace”–Kreator
  5. Conquistadores”–Running Wild
  6. Gamblin’ Fool”–S. A. D. O.
  7. The Morning After”–Tankard
  8. Don’t Fear the Winter”–Rage
  9. Rock the City”–V2
  10. Masked Jackal”–Coroner
  11. Tribal Convictions”–Voivod
  12. Circle of the Tyrants”–Celtic Frost
  13. I Want Out”–Helloween


  • The original version of “Hallowe’en” ran over 10 minutes. The version included on this video is heavily edited and is a little over five minutes.
  • It is doubtful if the S. A. D. O. video was ever shown on regular television, due to a couple of female body parts being fondled by the band’s vocalist in the clip, unless it was edited or censored.

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