Band Info
OriginSan Francisco, California, USA
Years-Active1981 - 1991, 2001 - present
Genre(s)thrash metal
heavy metal
Speed metal
Nuclear Blast
Associated Acts{{{7}}}

Being a part of the legendary Bay Area scene, Death Angel was formed in the mid 1980s. It was a family affair, involving two brothers and three of their cousins. Their debut of The Ultra-Violence was a thrash metal offering, having many tempo changes and unique song stylings, as well as the thunderous drumming of Andy Galeon. However, over the next few albums with some changes in style and vocalist Mark Osegueda leaving, the band changed their style (and name) even more, releasing two albums as The Organization.

After several years of activity in other bands, some of the original lineup returned and began releasing albums again.

Their product have been released through Enigma,Candlelight, and Nuclear Blast.



Current personnelEdit

Former personnelEdit

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