Destruction - Day of Reckoning

Destruction - Day of Reckoning

Day Of Reckoning is the 11th studio album by German thrash metal band Destruction. It was released on 18 February 2011 in Europe and 8 March 2011 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records. The first limited edition of the album does not have the band's logo on the booklet while the vinyl version and second pressing of the CD show a red Destruction logo on it.

This is the first album to feature their new drummer Vaaver. The first statements from the band are promising, for the oldschool fans, a more fast and turbulent album than the 2008 studio record D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. that will go more 'back to the roots'. On 18 December 2010 in Portugal, they played "Hate Is My Fuel" for the first time.

Track listingEdit

  1. "The Price" - 3:39
  2. "Hate Is My Fuel" - 4:24
  3. "Armageddonizer" - 4:09
  4. "Devil’s Advocate" - 4:18
  5. "Day Of Reckoning" - 3:58
  6. "Sorcerer Of Black Magic" - 4:25
  7. "Misfit" - 4:26
  8. "The Demon Is God" - 5:11
  9. "Church Of Disgust" - 4:05
  10. "Destroyer Or Creator" - 3:09
  11. "Sheep Of The Regime" - 4:59

Limited Edition Bonus TracksEdit

12. "Stand Up And Shout" (Dio Cover)
13. "The Price" (demo)


  • Marcel 'Schmier' Scirmer - Vocals & Bass
  • Mike Sifringer - Guitar
  • Vaaver (Wawrzyniec Dramowicz) - Drums

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