Climbin’ The Walls is the debut release from Wrathchild America. The album is mostly thrash metal (the title track, “Hell’s Gates”, “Hernia”, “Day of the Thunder”) with its share of time changes, although “London After Midnight” is more in the doom vein, and “Time” is a heavier cover of the Pink Floyd classic.

The album was released in 1989 on the Atlantic Recording Corporation label.

Track listEdit

  1. "Climbin’ The Walls"
  2. "Hell’s Gates"
  3. "No Deposit, No Return"
  4. "Hernia"
  5. "London After Midnight"
  6. "Candy From a Madman"
  7. "Silent Darkness (Smothered Life)"
  8. "Time"
  9. "Day of the Thunder"



“Climbin’ The Walls” video

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