Sylosis - Casting Shadows

Sylosis - Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows is the first EP from Sylosis, a British thrash metal band from Reading, Berkshire. The EP was recorded by the band at guitarist Josh Middleton's recording studios, Shredroom Studios in Reading.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Dark Revelations" – 4:03
  2. "Casting Shadows" – 4:36
  3. "The Bereaved" - 5:09
  4. "Oath of Silence" - 5:05
  5. "Beneath Black Clouds" - 2:39

Personnel Edit

  • Ben Hollyer - Vocals
  • Josh Middleton - Lead guitar
  • Gurneet Ahluwalia - Rhythm guitar
  • Carl Parnell - Bass
  • Rob Callard - Drums

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