Butchered at Birth
Butchered at Birth
Album info
ReleaseJuly 1, 1991
Recorded1991 at Morrisound Recording in Tampa, Florida
GenreDeath metal
LabelMetal Blade
ProducerScott Burns

Butchered at Birth is the second studio album by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse. It was released in 1991 through Metal Blade Records.


The album was banned in Germany, due to the violent artwork. The first pressings of the compact disc were wrapped in white butcher paper stamped with the band logo and album title in red ink. Butchered at Birth's cover also drew a complaint from the Ontario Provincial Police in Canada, which led to record stores being told not to sell the album to persons under 18.

"Rancid Amputation" was given a lounge music re-arrangement by Andrew Hansen of the Australian comedy team The Chaser in July 2006, when the band came under controversy due to their lyrical content prior to touring in Australia.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Meat Hook Sodomy" - 5:46
  2. "Gutted" - 3:15
  3. "Living Dissection" - 4:00
  4. "Under the Rotted Flesh" - 5:04
  5. "Covered with Sores" - 3:17
  6. "Vomit the Soul" - 4:30
  7. "Butchered at Birth" - 2:45
  8. "Rancid Amputation" - 3:16
  9. "Innards Decay" - 4:38
  10. "Covered with Sores (Live)" (The 2002 remastered edition features this track as a bonus.) - 3:59


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