Album overviewEdit

Brightest Starz is a compilation album featuring songs from the band’s first four albums, the majority of which is from Violation (“Rock Six Times”, “Cherry Baby”, “Violation”, “Subway Terror”, and “Sing It Shout It”). It also had songs from their self-titled debut (“Pull The Plug”, “Boys In Action”), Attention Shoppers! (“She”) and Coliseum Rock (the title track and “So Young, So Bad”).

The album was released in 1985 through Heavy Metal America and reissued on cd years later, available through the band themselves.

Track listEdit

  1. Rock Six Times
  2. Cherry Baby
  3. Pull The Plug
  4. So Young, So Bad
  5. Violation
  6. Subway Terror
  7. Sing It Shout It
  8. She
  9. Coliseum Rock
  10. Boys In Action



  • Coliseum Rock” originally ran straight into the song of "It's a Riot" on the album, which the latter is not included on this compilation, so the song fades out several seconds earlier on this release.
  • The album was released on cd years later and sold on the band’s official site. There was also another similarly-titled release called Brightest Starz Anthology, with more songs and a different cover (which was actually the inner sleeve shot from their debut with the girl in the leather jacket).


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