Blind Guardian
Band Info
Genre(s)Power metal
Label(s)Nuclear Blast, Century Media Records
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Blind Guardian is an German power metal band formed in 1986. Hansi Kürsch is in a side-band with Iced Earth Guitarist John Shaffer called Demons & Wizards.


Formed in 1986.


Current members
  • Hansi Kürsch – vocals (1986–present), Bass (1986–1996)
  • André Olbrich – lead guitar (1986–present)
  • Marcus Siepen – rhythm guitar (1986–present)
  • Frederik Ehmke – drums (2005–present)
  • Oliver Holzwarth is not an official member of the band, but has played bass live and as a session musician from 1997 - present
Former members
  • Thomas Stauch - drums (1987-2005)


Studio albums

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