Beyond the Gates
Beyond the Gates
Album info
ReleaseOctober 31, 1986
RecordedMarch 1986
GenreDeath metal, thrash metal
ProducerCarl Canedy

Beyond the Gates is the second album released by death metal band Possessed. It took a different direction from their debut, Seven Churches. Compared to Seven Churches, Beyond the Gates has a more technical feeling and, due to poor production, a muddy sound. Reception was mixed, with some very disappointed by the album for the sound and production, while others were happy with the new direction of the band. Beyond the Gates became a sign of Possessed's decline, as they only released the EP The Eyes of Horror before they officially disbanded.

The vinyl release of the album featured an enhanced gatefold-style format: the "gates" of the front cover opened outward, exposing several flaps that opened further to reveal a large illustration of a line of demonic creatures approaching over a desert landscape. Lyrics were included on the inner sleeve.

In a recent Guitar World magazine, Possessed lead singer Jeff Becerra said Beyond the Gates was meant to be more of a commercial record, as their previous album had been banned from all major record stores, because of the upside down cross on the cover.

Track listingEdit

  • All music written by Mike Torrao, except tracks 3, 5 & 9 (Larry LaLonde) & track 1 (Carl Canedy). All lyrics written by Jeff Becerra, except track 1 & 11 (Instrumentals)

Published By Take Out Music.

# Track title Length
1. "Intro" 1:23
2. "The Heretic" 2:40
3. "Tribulation" 4:48
4. "March to Die" 3:12
5. "Phantasm" 4:23
6. "No Will to Live" 6:47
7. "Beyond the Gates" 2:55
8. "The Beasts of the Apocalypse" 3:13
9. "Seance" 3:03
10. "Restless Dead" 2:59
11. "Dog Fight" 1:23


  • Produced By Carl Canedy (The Rods)
  • Engineers: John Cuniberti, Tom Size
  • Mastering: Tom Coyne


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