Twisting limbs untill they break Contortions wrenching pain

Joints are hyperextended Opposite Fibrous tendons snap Bent Backwards and broken

Hateful physical control Opposite ways Elbows bend and pop Fingers cracking Connective tissue torn

Unrelenting warping strain Knees are shattered Sinew ripped from bone Ankles give way

Back is arching Spinal pressure builds Total collapse

Predacious entanglement, form is distorted Grotesque rearrangement, body contorted

Splintering bones causing internal bleeding Abundance of injuries, pain is exceeding

Every joint in the body is turned the wrong way A debt to the nemesis forcibly paid

Arching the back Vertebrae crack Fracture the spine Can't realign

[Solo Jack Owen]

Torque on the neck Structure is wrecked Amorphous blob An end to macabre

A torturous lesson in physical terms The only way some people learn Stretching the body in every direction Forcing the joints unnatural flexion

[Solo Pat O'Brien]

Twisting limbs until they break Contortions wrenching pain Bent Bent Bent Backwards and broken

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