Belgian Metal stand for metalmusic from the EU country Belgium. It's a little country between Germany, The Netherlands and France.

Belgium has many metalbands and is the country of the Metal festivals 'Graspop Metal Meeting', 'Groezrock', 'Ieperfest', 'MetalMean', 'Alcatraz', 'Sudden Death Fest' and many more.

Popular Belgian MetalEdit

The biggest metalbands from Belgium are Aborted and Channel Zero.

Aborted is a Brutal Death Metal band that is very popular around the world.

Channel Zero is not as popular as Aborted outside of Belgium, but in Belgium they are considered as 'the biggest and best metalband' by the mainstream society. Channel Zero played at all large festivals in Belgium and there songs are not to heavy to be on the mainstream radio channels.

Next to Aborted and Channel Zero there is 'Steak Number Eight'. They won an imported rockrally that is sponsored by many big companies: 'HUMO's Rock Rally'. Because of their victory they could play at Graspop Metal Meeting and they have the same advantage as Channel Zero to become popular: not to heavy to be put on the mainstream radio channels.

Underground Belgian MetalEdit

The popular scene is not very big, but the underground scene is huge!

Belgium is a country were 'hardcore' has become mostly the mainstream metal genre by the youth. Many Belgian underground bands play hardcore, deathcore, metalcore or are influenced by those genres.

But still, the biggest names in the underground scene are not hardcore bands. Death metal bands, Trash metal bands and Heavy metal bands are still the leading bands.

The biggest names in the underground are (headliners with label and full albums only!): Moker, Crimson Falls, Serial Butcher, Oceans Of Madness, Battalion, Predatoria, The Guardian, Evilenko, Ressurection, Warbeast Remains, ...

Other examples of Belgian bands (feel free to add your band here if 3/5 of the members are from Belgium): Fist2Fist, Suburbia In Ruins, Ashturn, End Of The Line, Balances, Breathing While Buried, Herfst, Shattered Skull, The Seventh, Hexa Mera, Notti Del Terrore, In Vain, Devoured By Vultures, Grimlock, Skullcrusher, An Ocean Between us, Source Of Anguish, ...

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