At War with Reality
At War with Reality
Album info
ReleaseOctober 27, 2014 (Europe)
October 28, 2014 (North America)
RecordedJune-July 2014
GenreMelodic death metal
LabelCentury Media Records
ProducerFredrik Nordström

At War with Reality is the fifth studio album by Swedish death metal band At the Gates, released on October 24, 2014.[1][2] It is the band's first album since Slaughter of the Soul (1995), marking the longest gap between two studio albums in their career, and their first release on Century Media Records.[2] It is a concept album based on the literary genre of magic realism.[3]


After breaking up in 1996, At the Gates announced on October 18, 2007 that they would reunite for several reunion shows in the summer of 2008.[4] Throughout July 2008, they toured the US and Canada on what was dubbed the "Suicidal Final Tour", and the last date of the tour took place in Athens, Greece, with guest The Ocean on September 21, 2008. Despite playing a handful of successful reunion shows, members of At the Gates stated that they would not record a new album,[5] suggesting that it would be "pointless to release something more than ten years after Slaughter of the Soul."[6]

After a two year hiatus, At the Gates announced their second reunion in December 2010, and that they would do a "limited run of select shows" in 2011. They also announced that they would "stick to the initial promise of not making any more music."[7] Asked in October 2012 about the possibility of new At the Gates material, frontman Tomas Lindberg replied, "Well, basically, I've learned never to say never. We said we'd never do any more shows whatsoever and now we're doing shows [again]. 2008 was the last tour we were going to do and now we are doing more [shows]. I learned not to say never you know."[8]

On January 21, 2014, At the Gates released a distorted video on YouTube showing lines of lyrics on it, followed by text saying "2014", possibly hinting toward possible lyrics for an upcoming album. Six days later, the band revealed on Facebook via a new cover photo and profile picture, that they had signed to Century Media Records, and would begin recording their fifth album At War with Reality in June/July for a tentative October/November 2014 release.[2]

On August 14, the band announced they had completed the album, and that it would be released on October 28.[1]

Track ListEdit

No. Title Length
1. "El Altar del Dios Desconocido" (Instrumental) 1:06
2. "Death and the Labyrinth"   2:33
3. "At War with Reality"   3:09
4. "The Circular Ruins"   4:28
5. "Heroes and Tombs"   3:59
6. "The Conspiracy of the Blind"   3:19
7. "Order from Chaos"   3:26
8. "The Book of Sand (The Abomination)"   4:28
9. "The Head of the Hydra"   3:38
10. "City of Mirrors"   2:06
11. "Eater of Gods"   3:51
12. "Upon Pillars of Dust"   2:39
13. "The Night Eternal"   5:37
Total length:


Additional PersonnelEdit


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