As the Palaces Burn
As the Palaces Burn
Album info
ReleaseMay 6, 2003
GenreGroove metal
LabelProsthetic, Epic, Black Market Activities
ProducerDevin Townsend, Lamb of God

Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition cover.

As the Palaces Burn is the third studio album by American groove metal band Lamb of God, released under Prosthetic Records in 2003. As the Palaces Burn received considerably more airplay than their previous effort, with three singles. The album was produced by Lamb of God and Devin Townsend. The album has sold around 250,000 copies in the United States.[1] The band released a 10th anniversary edition of the album on November 11, 2013, with remixed and remastered tracks, including bonus demo tracks.[2][3]

Track listingEdit

# Track title Length
1. "Ruin" 3:55
2. "As the Palaces Burn" 2:24
3. "Purified" 3:11
4. "11th Hour" 3:44
5. "For Your Malice" 3:43
6. "Boot Scraper" 4:34
7. "A Devil In God's Country" 3:16
8. "In Defense of Our Good Name" 4:13
9. "Blood Junkie" 4:23
10. "Vigil" 4:42
10th Anniversary bonus tracks[4]
# Track title Length
1. "Ruin (demo)"
2. "As the Palaces Burn (demo)"
3. "Blood Junkie (demo)"


  • "Ruin"
  • "11th Hour"
  • "As the Palaces Burn"


Lamb of God
  • Randy Blythe – Vocals
  • Willie Adler – Guitar
  • Mark Morton – Guitar
  • John Campbell – Bass
  • Chris Adler – Drums
Additional musicians
  • Devin Townsend – production, engineering
  • Shaun Thingvold – mixing
  • Louie Teran – mastering
  • Carla Lewis, Dan Kearley, Dennis Solomon, Grant Rutledge, Scott Cooke – assistant engineers
  • Petar Sardelich – engineer for Chris Poland
  • K3N – artwork
  • Adam Wentworth – picture disc artwork redesign

Release historyEdit

Region Date Label Format Catalog
US 2003 Prosthetic CD 10008-2
US 2003 Prosthetic CD/DVD 793018 291902
European Union 2004 Epic CD EPC 513880 2
Australia & New Zealand 2004 Epic CD 5138 8 02000
US 2004 Black Market Activities LP BMA 006
US 2009 Prosthetic LP 6561910008-1
Worldwide November 11, 2013 Prosthetic/Razor & Tie CD LOG000CD00-DL


  • An Ozzfest Edition was released with a bonus DVD, which contained music videos for the three singles.
  • The song "Ruin" is about conforming to society.
  • The songs "As the Palaces Burn" and "Vigil" are about politics and capitalism.
  • The song "11th Hour", covering the topic of alcohol usage, is also considered as a Southern beer-drinking song.
  • The song "In Defense Of Our Good Name" is about living life in the rural south, the history involved in the south, and how it has affected the lives of the people there.
  • The song "A Devil In God's Country" also stars the album producer, Devin Townsend, on guitar.
  • The song "Blood Junkie" is an anti-corporate bigwig song.
  • The line "Smite the Shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered" in the last track of the album is contained in Mark 14:27, the second book of the New Testament.
  • The song "Purified" features former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland on lead guitar.


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