Sepultura - Arise
Album info
ReleaseMarch 20, 1991
Recorded1990–1991 at Morrisound Recording in Tampa, Florida, United States
GenreThrash metal, death metal
ProducerScott Burns

Arise is the third studio album by Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura, released in April 23, 1991 through Roadrunner Records. Upon its release, the album received top reviews from heavy metal magazines such as Rock Hard, Kerrang! and Metal Forces. Arise is considered Sepultura's finest hour among longtime fans.

While the music on Arise was mostly in the same death/thrash style as their previous album, Beneath the Remains, it was clear that the Sepultura sound was acquiring an experimental edge. The album presented their first incursions with groove metal, industrial music, hardcore punk and Latin percussion.

The tour (1990–1992) that supported the album was the group's longest at that time, totalling 220 shows in 39 different countries. During this trek, the album went gold in Indonesia—the band's first music industry certification. By the tour's end, Arise had achieved platinum sales worldwide.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Arise" (Max Cavalera, Sepultura) - 3:18
  2. "Dead Embryonic Cells" (Cavalera, Sepultura) - 4:52
  3. "Desperate Cry" (Andreas Kisser, Sepultura) - 6:40
  4. "Murder" (Cavalera, Sepultura) - 3:26
  5. "Subtraction" (Kisser, Sepultura) - 4:46
  6. "Altered State" (Kisser, Sepultura) - 6:34
  7. "Under Siege (Regnum Irae)" (Cavalera, Sepultura) - 4:53
  8. "Meaningless Movements" (Kisser, Sepultura) - 4:40
  9. "Infected Voice" (Kisser, Sepultura) - 3:18
  10. "Orgasmatron" (Michael Burston, Phil Campbell, Peter Gill, Lemmy) - 4:15
  11. "Intro" (Sepultura) - 1:32
  12. "C.I.U. (Criminals in Uniform)" (Katherine Ludwig Moses, Sepultura) - 4:17
  13. "Desperate Cry (Scott Burns Mix)" (Sepultura) - 6:43


Sepultura – producer
  • Scott Burns – producer, engineer, lyrical and translation assistance
  • Andy Wallace – mixing
  • Fletcher McLean – assistant engineer, lyrical and translation assistance
  • Steve Sisco – assistant mix engineer
  • Howie Weinberg – mastering
  • Henrique Portugal – synthesizers
  • Kent Smith – sound effect creation
  • Michael Whelan – cover illustration ("Arise")
  • Tim Hubbard – photography
  • Patricia Mooney – art direction
  • Don Kaye – liner notes
  • Carole Segal – photography
  • Alex Solca – photography
  • Shaun Clark – photography
  • Rui Mendes – photography
  • Bozo – tribal "S" logo


Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells04:41

Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells

Sepultura - Arise03:27

Sepultura - Arise

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