Almost a Dance
Almost a Dance
Album info
ReleaseSeptember 1993
RecordedSpitzbergen Studios, Zuidbroek, Groningen, The Netherlands, 1993
GenreDoom metal, gothic metal
LabelFoundation 2000
ProducerJunkie XL

Almost a Dance is the second studio album by the Dutch doom metal band The Gathering, released in 1993 on Foundation 2000 Records.

Track listingEdit

# Track title Lyrics Music Length
1. "On a Wave" Niels Duffhuës 5:53
2. "The Blue Vessel" Duffhuës René Rutten 6:04
3. "Her Last Flight" Duffhuës Frank Boeijen, Hugo Prinsen Geerligs, Rutten 8:47
4. "The Sky People" Duffhuës Boeijen 4:27
5. "Nobody Dares" Duffhuës Duffhuës 3:32
6. "Like Fountains" Duffhuës, Martine van Loon Boeijen, Rutten 7:41
7. "Proof" Duffhuës Boeijen, Jelmer Wiersma 6:18
8. "Heartbeat Amplifier" Duffhuës Boeijen, Rutten 4:51
9. "A Passage to Desire" Duffhuës, van Loon Boeijen, Prinsen Geerligs, Rutten 6:44



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