Accept is a German Heavy Metal band that made there first album in 1979 which was the same name as the band.


Accept (1979) 

I'm a Rebel (1980) 

Breaker (1981) 

Restless and Wild (1982) 

Balls to the Wall (1983) 

Metal Heart (1985) 

Russian Roulette (1986) 

Eat the Heat (1989) 

Objection Overruled (1993) 

Death Row (1994) 

Predator (1996) 

Blood of the Nations (2010) 

Stalingrad (2012)

Blind Rage (2014)


Mark Tornillolead vocals

Wolf Hoffmannlead and rhythm guitars

Herman Frankrhythm guitars

Peter Baltesbass guitar

Stefan Schwarzmanndrums

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