Absolem is a Melodic Death-Metal band from Southern New Hampshire. Created after the seperation of I Saw It Die.


Absolem started off as a side project of Brandon Eaton (ex- I Saw It Die) so that he had something going on in case of emergancy and after the split of I Saw It Die in latse June of 2010 Absolem became his main work. The band itself fuels from molodic death-metal entwined with metalcore influent and horror esque lyrics.

Their first EP, Idolatry, is in the beggining demoing stages and being written fully. The EP is based around the works of various serial killers and some of Brandons works of horrifying, murderous fiction. The sound of the EP is heavily Influenced by bands such as Opeth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, As Blood Runs Black and other various artists which promises melodic riffs and brutal breakdowns. And what sets them apart is Brandons interesting synth and piano intro's along with his various mix's he makes from voices and sounds. One of these mixes is on the EP as a 4th song which essetnially is a 5 minute long outro putting the end to it. With those intro's leading into elaborate riff's, blistering blast beats and horrific vocals, Absolem plans to delve deeper into the music scene and push the boundries of their previous bands.


Title Date Released
Idolatry TBA



Brandon Eaton

Randy Littlefield

Karl Wallace


Jared Sunnerberg

Andrew Wright

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