This was the second album from Skyclad, which wasn’t as heavy as their debut, although there was a lot more folk music involved, as their debut was mostly thrash metal with just a hint of fiddles and folk here and there.

The album opens with the brief instrumental of "War and Disorder", having just folk guitar, violin and a mandolin amidst sounds of war, which then goes straight into "A Broken Promised Land", with Martin Walkyier's vocals being way in the background, which he turns to singing later in the song (usually he would deliver his vocals as growls for the most part). "Salt on the Earth (Another Man's Poison)" features Fritha Jenkins’ vocals and violin before storming into its main thrash riff, with the guitar and violin playing together then. "Karmageddon (The Suffering Silence)" starts off with acoustic guitar, then changes into a slow folk metal beat.

"Ring Stone Round", meanwhile, is a slow piece with just acoustic guitar with Walkyier and Jenkins singing. "Men of Straw" has a part after several minutes with bass, clean guitar and violin, and "R'Vannith" starts out with a duet between the guitar and violin, gets faster, then returns to the intro riff later. "The Declaration of Indifference" starts out with violin, which changes into thrash and ends with the violin again, and the closing track of "Alone In Death's Shadow" has acoustic guitar, keyboards and Walkyier singing, then switches to metal after four minutes.

The album was released by Noise International Inc. in 1992.

Track listEdit

  1. War and Disorder
  2. A Broken Promised Land
  3. Spinning Jenny
  4. Salt on the Earth (Another Man's Poison
  5. Karmageddon (The Suffering Silence)
  6. Ring Stone Round
  7. Men of Straw
  8. R'Vannith
  9. The Declaration of Indifference
  10. Alone In Death’s Shadow



David Pugh was added as lead guitarist, and Fritha Jenkins on violin, mandolin, keyboards and backing vocals on this release, neither of which were on Skyclad’s debut.

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